Light. Poetry. Genesis.


Bring out your best self! Book today for a one-way ticket to unapologetically original content.


There is a common misconception that some individuals are simply not photogenic. I’m here to tell you that those rumors are false.


Sometimes the best moments are also the quickest. You owe it to yourself to capture them. We live in an age of mass interconnection via social media. That means that it’s become that much more important to capture the moments most important to you.

Whether you’d like to capture your new menu or your next event, I have you covered.


Social media can be hard to leverage effectively. Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what (or when) to post and how it will resonate with our audience. Utilizing Instagram and Facebook as a tool, the possibilities are endless. Let me help you develop and promote an advertisement that grabs attention and effectively captures the essence of your product, event, or service.

Elevate your brand.


Allow me to help you breathe new life into your clothing line or product. It isn’t always easy developing a brand; together, we can make yours one to remember.

Reach closer to your audience with your next music video, commercial, or promotion.

be free. be bold. join the family.

I specialize in the unorthodox. This will not be your average photo-shoot. I’m not your average creator. Get ready to “break the mold”, “leave the box”, or “take the leap”. I promise that you will not look back.


Who I Am

An alumnus of Howard University with a flair for visual extravagance; Kaelan is a life-long artist. He began his entrepreneurial journey as a freelance graphic designer in 2015.

Shortly after, he discovered a love for film and photography, motivating him to redirect his studies and blossom as producer of visual content.